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You can use this plastic upgrade kit to promote Legionaries from a Legiones Astartes Tactical Squad set, creating a formidable Legion Command Squad. The kit includes five power swords and five combat shields that can be assembled with a variety of arm poses, plus one sheathed sword and another held in a bionic arm. You'll find two different Legion standards for your troops to rally around, and a choice of four icons to top them – two Loyalist, and two Traitor. The kit also provides an arsenal of cosmetic parts to decorate your veterans in a manner befitting their status, including ornate crested helmets, distinguished bare heads, and impressive artificer pauldrons.

This upgrade set includes:

– 2x Legion standards with 4x optional crests (2x Traitor crests and 2x Loyalist crests)
– 2x alternative power swords with sheaths
– 4x artificer pauldrons
– 5x power swords
– 5x combat shields
– 5x shield hands
– 1x bolt pistol
– 11x heads (3x bare and 8x helmeted)
– 15x arms (8x left arms and 7x right arms)

This set also includes 1x Legion Command Transfer Sheet, featuring 463 high-quality waterslide transfers for you to add even more detail and personalisation to your miniatures.

This upgrade kit comprises 58 plastic components and is designed to be assembled with a variety of Legiones Astartes kits, which are sold separately.

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